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        Hubei Huayi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Yichang kelisheng group, which specializes in the development of new agriculture. The company has mastered and applied the design, installation and application technology of large-scale intelligent and automatic greenhouse; the design, manufacture and use technology of large-scale self-propelled waterwheel; plant tissue culture technology, polyploid breeding technology, hybrid breeding technology. Modern agricultural technology, such as establishment seedling technology and container seedling breeding technology, has achieved more than ten major scientific and technological achievements at national, provincial and ministerial levels, and more than 30 patents.

        The company has built a plant with an annual output of 300 million modern seedlings, 10000 square meters of artificial light cultivation workshop, 60000 square meters of intelligent greenhouse, and a complete large production line. A modern seedling factory has been built and put into operation. It mainly produces the seedlings of Chinese mosquito mother, Fengyang, Chishan, Nanchuan willow, wolfberry, longleaf water flax and other plants. It serves the vegetation planting and ecological barrier construction of the Three Gorges Reservoir area. It orders to produce the seedlings of tobacco leaf, tea light substrate, vegetable, konjac virus-free, potato and other seedlings.

        聯系我們 CONTACT US

        • 電話:0717-6937697
        • 郵箱:kelison123@163.com
        • 郵編:443002
        • 地址:湖北省宜昌市西陵區黃河路8號