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        The amorphous magnetic materials with the greatest growth potential in the future are mainly 1K107 based series of nano amorphous products, which will grow rapidly in the high-end manufacturing industry. At present, the products with reliable quality are mainly Japanese Hitachi metal company. China's current production capacity is 2500 tons, but due to the quality of raw materials, the product quality is still far behind that of imported products. Low quality and low price.

        The technology of producing 1K107B series master alloy by non vacuum electric furnace invented by our company takes high-purity iron as raw material, the product quality can completely reach the level of Japanese products, and the cost is far lower than that of Japan. Our company's first set of spray belt equipment with an annual output of 500 tons has been successfully developed, and the 1K107B material with a width of 60mm and a thickness of 18mm has been produced, which is at the leading level in China.

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