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        high temperature ceramic composite materials, including ceramic furnace floor, ceramic pad and ceramic ring


        Composite materials have the characteristics of two or more materials, which can improve the properties of a single material, such as improving the strength, toughness and dielectric properties. Ceramic matrix composite is a kind of composite material which is composed of ceramic matrix and various fibers. The ceramic matrix can be high temperature structural ceramics such as silicon nitride and silicon carbide. These advanced ceramics have excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, high strength and rigidity, relatively light weight and corrosion resistance. As high temperature structural materials, ceramic composite materials are mainly used in aerospace, military industry and other fields. In addition, various ceramic composite materials are widely used in mechanical, chemical, steel, high-speed iron, electronic technology and other fields. For example, silicon nitride composite ceramics of our company are used in the bottom plate of silicon steel ring furnace, which solves the high temperature creep caused by long-term load of heating silicon steel coil in the ring furnace, greatly improves the quality and yield of silicon steel, and reduces the manufacturing cost of silicon steel.

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